DXtra Kids – Breakin’ with Jamaal O’Driscoll

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30 minutes

Try a variety of movement and steps, from the hip hop style of Breakin.

Sequence together foundational steps involving Toprock, Go-Downs, Footwork patterns, and finish off with a Freeze to tell a story.

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30 minutes
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About Jamaal

Jamaal O’Driscoll

Participation Producer

Jamaal has been a part of the dance community since 2010, practicing a variety of dance styles, and developing a strong technique within the hip-hop style of breaking. In 2019, Jamaal created O’Driscoll Collective to give back to the community, facilitating conversation through movement, continuing to teach and deliver performances in a variety of settings.

With passion and experience in outreach, Jamaal is currently the Participation Producer for Birmingham International Dance Festival 2020, alongside his role as a freelance artist, delivering workshops, classes, choreographing and performing in self-produced performances. Please visit ODriscollcollective.com for more information.

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