Léa Tirabasso presents Starving Dingoes

10 Feb 2022


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UK Premiere

Starving Dingoeswill portray the desire to live, fast and furious. A desperate and absurd race to embrace madness, to forget about time and quench our hunger for life.  Because death, you know, is just around the corner. 
The performance explores the notions of consciousness and madness:

  • The notion of consciousness as a curse: how does knowing our own end, being aware of death influence our lives? How does the brain work? Where is consciousness located in our body?
  • The notion of madness through a romantic definition more than a look into mental health: madness seen as a creative marginality, a vital force or power. Could madness be a twisted yet real vision of life. Is consciousness, the beginning of madness? 


Choreographer / Director: Léa Tirabasso

Producer: Vasanthi Argouin

Administrator: Sousana Eang

Dancers: Catarina Barbosa, Laura Patay, Karl Fagerlund Brekke, Alistair Goldsmith, Laura Lorenzi 

Composer: Matt Huxley

Lighting and Set Designer: Nicolas Tremblay

Scientific Advisor: Simone Niclou, Aleksandra Gentry-Mahara

Philosophy Advisor: Thomas Stern

Animal Transformation Coach: Gabrielle Moleta


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Thu 10 Feb 22

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