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Wasteland - Gary Clarke Company


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Léa Tirabasso presents Starving Dingoes

Thu 10th Feb 2022, 8:00pm
Patrick Studio

MY Dance On Screen 2022

Deadline: 7 March 2022, 11.59pm

U.Dance WM

Sun 27th Mar 2022, 6:00pm
Patrick Studio

Programming Approach

DanceXchange commissions and programmes work throughout the year and we are guided by strong artistic principles in choosing what we showcase, develop and support.

High quality and a strong reputation

There are a number of criteria we follow in order to achieve this balance. High quality is a driver for all of our choices. Our strong reputation is something we’re keen to protect and develop further. Likewise, artistic and cultural diversity is very important to us across each season.

Innovation and transformation

We aim to programme work that is innovative, often challenging, and transformative for the artists and audiences we connect with. As an organisation, DanceXchange places great value on creating a performance programme that engages and connects with audiences.

Creating this balance helps us to build loyal audiences who trust and value our artistic judgement. We want people to look forward to every new season we put on.

Lucie Mirkova, Executive Producer

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